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Trenchless Pipe Relining and Repairs

Broken Pipes and Sewer mains is an incredibly inconvenient occurrence to your home or business, not to mention a nasty and unexpected expense to your back pocket.

Rustic Plumbing are experienced and equipped to fix your pipes in whatever difficult landscape comes our way.
All of our trucks are equipped with the latest in pipe relining technology.

We use only the best technology, Brawoliner, which is the top of the line in pipe relining technology. That way, we can ensure your problem is solved the right way the first time.

Our reliable and trustworthy team of pipe specialists Port Macquarie. Let us fix your pipes and put your mind at ease knowing you are in safe hands.

We offer a free fast call out fee so book your preferred service time with Rustic Plumbing today!

What is Pipe Relining

The conventional way of repairing your pipes, required the digging up of the old pipes to replace them. This was a costly and lengthy process, which left you with ruined landscapes, driveways or even your building structure!

The new method is pipe relining Port Macquarie, pipe rehabilitation, CIPP (cure in place pipe) patching, spot repair and no dig technology, but basically what relining is, is repairing a pipe without the need for digging or very little in comparison to digging a long wide trench in a garden, footpath, driveway, road and even house/building/factory.

Pipe Relining Technology

At Rustic Plumbing, we pride ourselves on using Brawoliner – the finest relining system available. With a 25 Year Guarantee, you can rely on Rustic Plumbing to get the job done for you! Originated in Germany, Brawoliner provides the perfect solution to fix all plumbing systems.

Highly regarded due to its flexibility – the most flexible in the world, this trenchless rehabilitation enables an affordable solution compared to old traditional methods.

How much does Pipe Relining cost?

To determine the cost of the job a consultation is required by our friendly team. Don’t worry, we have a free fast call out service. Pipes often deteriorate over time as a result of moisture, tree roots and many other unforeseeable problems. Rustic Plumbing will be able to determine how serious your pipe problems are and find the necessary resolution.

Our plumbers are equipped with the latest advanced technology meaning we have the right options available for different scenarios. If a small repair is needed our team will offer pipe patching and spot repair. This is where we would repair only a small section of your pipe and is a great solution where there is only small leakage or minor damage. If a larger job is required, then our team will suggest Brawoliner – a trenchless piping solution for Port Macquarie.

Why do I need Pipe Relining

Often pipes and drains are blocked because of root intrusion. Trees can be aggressive when seeking nourishment and are attracted to the moisture from condensation that forms around and in pipes. Roots are able to fit into the seams between two pipes and continue to grow until the pipe is completely blocked. The root problem can become more complicated over time if not controlled. Pipe relining is a permanent fix and will prevent you wasting your money on quick fixes.

Why Should I Choose No Dig Plumbing Repairs

Opting to fix your pipes with a no-dig solution will save you time, money and the preservation of your property. By allowing us to come in and reline and repair your pipes with no dig pipe repairs Port Macquarie you can ensure your outside area doesn’t turn into a mini-construction site and that the process is as stress-free as possible.

Get in touch with us today to see if we can help you with trenchless pipe repairs and relining.

Your Piping Specialists

Rustic Plumbing provides great, old-fashioned, service, with the latest state of the art plumbing technologies. We are a team of knowledgeable, experienced and thorough local plumbers, servicing suburbs all around Port Macquarie. Our trucks are fully equipped and have the latest in plumbing technology to get your problem solved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. No job is too small, we know from little things, big things grow and value you as a customer, whatever the job may be. We service Port Macquarie.

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I'd been told for about six years that I would have to dig up my bathroom to properly repair my underground drainage pipes.

Linda Turner
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