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Commercial Plumbing

For all your commercial plumbing needs, you can count on the expertise, professionalism and great service you receive from Rustic Plumbing. You can rest assured knowing that we are specially trained and professionally licensed. We are always working to improve our techniques and expand our knowledge base.

Consider the Rusting Plumbing difference for your business or institution:

  • Priority Commercial Service1
    With a rapid response 24/7, Rustic Plumbing is available to keep your business running smoothly in a plumbing emergency. We understand how important it is to be able to use all your facilities within your home. Some of your drains are connected like the kitchen sink and the laundry tub sink, so sometimes when
    you have a problem in one of them it may cause a problem in the other.
  • Drain and Sewer Plumbing Experts
    Don’t let your commercial venue become compromised by improperly draining drains and water systems. If your sinks or showers seem to be draining slowly, act now to avoid costly repairs later. Rustic Plumbing clear it out and keep everything running smoothly so that you can live comfortably and safely. We can even perform
    preventative fiber optic inspections of your lines to help prevent unnecessary issues down the track.
  • Commercial Hot Water3
    From heating unit safety inspections, installations, replacements and repairs, Rustic Plumbing aim to keep your home comfortable and warm in every aspect of our services. If your water heater has been acting up, we can perform diagnostics on it and let you know your options. Spends a lot on heating water every year? Upgrading to continuous flow may be a very cost-effective choice.
  • Toilet Repairs and Upgrades
    Whether you suffer from a leaky faucet or require an entire system to be re-routed, trust in our plumbers who are fully prepared to tackle any task. You can rest assured knowing that a solution is only a phone call away. Rustic Plumbing are licensed and ready to provide you with top quality customer service.
  • Pipe Leaks, Repairs, Replacements and New Installations2
    We offer repair services for all your plumbing and heating elements. We also specialize in water inspections, residential and commercial services, circulating pumps and miscellaneous gas services. We pride ourselves in providing you with reliable service, every day.
  • Water & Energy Conservation
    Rustic Plumbing can help you with plumbing upgrades to help lower your water and energy expenditure, and in turn assist with reducing the environmental impact of your facility. You can save money and enhance your public image.
  • Backflow Prevention
    If backflow were to occur, contaminants can be introduced into the drinking water supply through these cross-connections and be distributed to users elsewhere in the system. We are experts for your annual testing, Port Macquarie Water compliance, repairs and new backflow prevention installations.
  • Commercial Water Conditioning 4
    For cleaner water and less wear and tear on capital equipment using water. Rustic Plumbing is a company focused on improving the quality of water for all of our customers. We operate across Port Macquarie, servicing the rapidly growing residential and commercial water treatment industries.
  • General Plumbing Repair
    Help with all your day-to-day plumbing repairs and new installations. Rustic Plumbing simplifies plumbing repairs for a variety of projects in your kitchen and bath.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    Provides customized preventative maintenance checks and programs to keep your plumbing systems, hot water and drains in working order and lower the likelihood of issues.


A plumbing emergency can happen at any time. For all your commercial and facilities plumbing needs in Port Macquarie, call and speak with the experts from Rustic Plumbing today and our expert plumbers will reach your home in no time.

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