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We provide professional plumbing services for residential homes and commercial properties in the Port Macquarie area. Safety is at the forefront of our business, which is why we have all the relevant qualifications.

Our premium plumbing services are broad and cover both residential and commercial blocked drains, hot water issues, new installations and repairs and those tricky times when you need a plumber urgently. Our workmanship, competitive pricing and complete satisfaction are of utmost priority with our qualified and experienced plumbers able to assist with any request you may have.

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Plumber Port Macquarie Regions/Suburbs We Service:

  • A-B

    • Bagnoo
    • Bago
    • Batar Creek
    • Beechwood
    • Bellangry
    • Birdwood
    • Black Creek
    • Blackmans Point
    • Bobs Creek
    • Bonny Hills
    • Brombin
    • Byabarra
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  • C-E

    • Cairncross
    • Camden Head
    • Coralville
    • Crosslands
    • Deauville
    • Diamond Head
    • Dicks Hill
    • Doyles River
    • Dunbogan
    • Ellenborough
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  • F-J

    • Fernbank Creek
    • Flynns Beach
    • Forbes River
    • Frazers Creek
    • Gearys Flat
    • Grants Beach
    • Greenhill
    • Hannam Vale
    • Hartys Plains
    • Herons Creek
    • Hollisdale
    • Huntingdon
    • Hyndmans Creek
    • Johns River
    • Jolly Nose
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  • K-L

    • Kempsey
    • Kendall
    • Kerewong
    • Kew
    • Kindee
    • King Creek
    • Kippara
    • Lake Cathie
    • Lake Innes
    • Lakewood
    • Lansdowne Forest
    • Laurieton
    • Lighthouse Beach
    • Limeburners Creek
    • Logans Crossing
    • Long Flat
    • Lorne
    • Lower Pappinbarra
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  • M-P

    • Marlo Merrican
    • Mid North Coast
    • Middle Brother
    • Moorland
    • Mortons Creek
    • North Brother
    • North Haven
    • North Shore
    • Pappinbarra
    • Pembrooke
    • Pipeclay
    • Port Macquarie
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  • R-T

    • Rawdon Island
    • Redbank
    • Riverside
    • Rosewood
    • Rossglen
    • Sancrox
    • Settlement City
    • Stewarts River
    • Swans Crossing
    • The Hatch
    • Thrumster
    • Toms Creek
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  • U-Z

    • Upper Pappinbarra
    • Upsalls Creek
    • Waitui
    • Wauchope
    • West Haven
    • Yarras
    • Yippin Creek
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    Residential Plumbing Services

    Thinking of renovating the kitchen or bathroom but not sure where to position the sinks and bath tub? Perhaps you’ve had enough of the clonking and whining pipes or dripping taps. Simply ask Rustic Plumbing Solutions take a look at your Port Macquarie plumbing. Whether you just want to replace the tap fittings, maintain a garbage disposal or completely relocate your residential plumbing, our experienced plumbers are available for advice and take pride in finite details.

  • plumber sydney 11-2

    Commercial Plumbing Services

    Experience, timeliness and minimal disruption are the most important factors when trying to rectify a commercial plumbing issue. At Rustic Plumbing Solutions we understand the inconvenience of plumbing issues and offer a 24/7 rapid response service to ensure minimal outage. Amongst our commercial services in Port Macquarie we offer upgrades to energy and water conservation, toilet repairs and commercial hot water, installations and replacements.

  • plumber sydney 10421979_1208647722494909_3511966094248224963_n

    Blocked Drains

    Have an unflushable toilet? A sink that doesn’t drain? An outdoor drain overflowing with water? It sounds like you have a blocked drain. Our expert drain specialists are armed with all the right knowledge and tools to rectify any drainage issue. Our hand augers, water jetters and trenchless drain repair technology are all paramount to determining any issues with main sewer lines or blocked storm water drains specifically. These issues can be most likely to cause water damage to yours and neighbouring properties and therefore can become very costly very quickly.

  • plumber sydney hot-water-4

    Hot Water System

    After a long day you might look forward to some ‘me’ time soaking in the tub, but with no hot water it’s not so relaxing. Hot water issues have a habit of occurring at the most inconvenient times and usually come with a price tag to match when it comes to replacement or repairs. We are conscious about assisting where possible to meet your budget so why not consult with our expert plumbers on the the most efficient, economic and environmentally friendly hot water systems for you and your circumstances. It may be gas. It may be solar, electric or continuous flow Whatever you decide, our plumbers are qualified to install all brands if your old system is irreparable. Our range of temporary tanks are a great alternative if you are waiting for repairs though. Just ask us about our plumber Port Macquarie services.
    We believe prevention is key to avoiding costly repairs or replacements and therefore offer services like preventative maintenance, fibre optic inspections and prevention programmes to rectify any issues before they happen.

  • plumber sydney banner-2

    Emergency Plumbing

    With over 15 years’ experience in emergency plumbing, there’s no situation we can’t handle. We understand that plumbing emergencies can’t be left unfixed for hours, much less days or weeks. That’s why our team at Rustic Plumbing is proud to provide on-call 24/7 service for all Port Macquarie emergency plumbing issues.

    When you wait too long to have your plumbing fixed, the results can be disastrous. A delayed response can cause serious damage to your property and appliances, while simultaneously putting you and your family’s health at risk. In many situations, not having functioning plumbing can make living in your home or running your business completely unfeasible. The resulting cost of having to shut down your business or put your family up in a hotel only adds to the stress of the situation.

    We at Rustic Plumbing are making these outcomes a thing of the past. After just one call to our 24/7 hotline, we’ll immediately send our efficient and expert plumbers to fix the issue. Whether your hot water has stopped working, your drains are blocked, or you’re experiencing a sudden water leak, you can count on this Port Macquarie plumber to fix it.

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    Gas Fitting

    Rustic Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services, including professional gas fitting throughout Port Macquarie. With our years of experience in gas fitting, we can accommodate the requirements of all residential and commercial buildings.

    Along with gas fitting, we offer installations of gas-powered appliances. We can even do checkups and repairs to your current system to ensure that everything is functioning properly. If you have any concerns about a potential gas leak in your building, our reliable team is just one call away. We know how catastrophic gas leaks can be, so you can count on us to perform an efficient and thorough gas leak inspection. If there’s a leak, we’ll find it and work tirelessly to repair it. Ensuring your safety is our top priority.

    When it comes to gas fitting, gas installation, and gas leak inspection, there’s no better choice than Rustic Plumbing in Australia’s Port Macquarie. Our team is always on time, focused, and fully capable of handling any task you put before us. We even provide upfront costs to ensure that you never have to deal with any surprise fees.

  • plumber sydney 2-8


    With years of experience in installations for both residential and commercial properties, you can count on the experienced and reliable Rustic Plumbing team. We perform professional plumbing system installations for new homes, along with updates on inept or damaged systems in older homes.

    If you want water coming in and out of your home smoothly, without any leaks or delays, you’ll likely need new pipes or an entirely new pipe system installed. When it comes to new pipe installations, every house has its unique needs and requirements. We at Rustic Plumbing avoid the one-size-fits-all approach, instead offering individual solutions for every home and business owner. Communication is a top priority for us, so we’ll discuss these plans at length with you throughout the process to ensure that you’re satisfied with our work.

    A major aspect of open communication for us is to give you the cost upfront before we start working. No one likes to be surprised with hidden fees, especially on a project of this size. So, whether you need a new pipe installation, a hot water system installation, an appliance installation, or a basic leak repair or drain unclogging, please call our Port Macquarie plumbers today.