Rustic Plumbing Solutions


Rustic Plumbing Solutions provides plumbing services to commercial customers. The team has the tools and over 20 years of professional experience working with commercial customers and Port Macquarie businesses.

We can provide our customers with a range of services, including drain clearing and drain repair, commercial hot water systems, toilet repairs and upgrades, pipe repairs, backflow prevention and preventative maintenance.

  • Drain Clearing:
    Hotels, restaurants and more have trusted Rustic Plumbing Solutions to keep their drains flowing. We offer preventative maintenance, drain clearing services and drain repair services. Our technicians also have access to the latest in “no-dig” trenchless drain relining technology.
  • Commercial Hot Water Systems:
    Rustic can provide you with the latest range of commercial size hot water systems to make sure your business is never left without. If you are currently spending a lot on water heating each year upgrading to a continuous flow hot water system could save you money. Our hot water specialists will be able to talk you through options to help get the most out of your business’ hot water system.
  • Backflow Prevention Testing:
    For commercial customers, Rustic can provide annual backflow prevention testing, new installation and assistance with compliance issues, repairs to existing backflow prevention systems.
  • Toilet Services:
    The plumbers at Rustic can assist you with the repair of your business’ employee and visitor toilets. We can also provide upgrades and repairs to the current toilet systems.

For professional and reliable plumbing service for your business, call Rustic on 0499 154 760.

Rated 5 Stars by Our Customer
Customer Review

I'd been told for about six years that I would have to dig up my bathroom to properly repair my underground drainage pipes.

Linda Turner
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