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Continuous Flow Hot Water

Also known as tankless, instantaneous and on-demand hot water systems, continuous flow of hot water are small wall-mounted units that heat water as you use it unlike what a hot water storage tank does that heats water slowly and finally stored it for future use.

However, running out of hot water just when you want it is quite frustrating. With the help of continuous flow water heater from Rustic Plumbing, you get peace of mind with reliable hot water 24/7. They deliver hot water on demand, so you get an endless supply to meet your every household need.

Rustic Plumbing Continuous Flow Water Heater installation can help you with:

  • Endless Hot Water2
    You never run out of hot water because unlike storage tank systems, it does not rely on pre-heating a quantity of water. You’ll always have hot water in your home. Supply does not run out. You could have a house full of visitors, be last in the shower queue, and still have hot water.
  • Smaller Storage Tank
    No need for a cylinder, so useful where space is limited. It isTank more cost effective to run as you are only heating the water used, unlike a storage system where the hot water is heated whether it is used or not. Having no tank to store water in, means a lot lower maintenance is required. Designed for space conscious properties.
  • Lower Energy Costs
    Continuous flow systems are on-demand. Regular water heaters have to keep heating water on a regular basis, which is very inefficient. 1Continuous flow water heater doesn’t only lower your energy costs but it also helps the environment too. You are also reducing your greenhouse gas emissions by about 75%, when compared to an electric storage unit.
  • Quality Manufacturers
    Rustic Plumbing installs the leading brands of continuous flow water heaters includes Rheem and Dux.
  • Quality Workmanship
    Best systems require professional installations that look after your safety with guaranteed service satisfaction.
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I called Rustic Plumbing Solutions when our hot water system died....

Lis WBerowra, New South Wales
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