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Toilet Plumbing

Simply put, toilets are one of the most important aspects of any home. If your toilet isn’t functioning, it’s a total nightmare. We understand how much of an issue it is, which is why we specialise in fast, effective and cost-efficient toilet plumbing. Our toilet plumbers are experienced in all areas required to have your toilet working as intended again.

Give us a call on 0499 154 760 to book a time for us to come out and see what we can do for your home’s toilets.

Toilet Repairs

Waking up and realising ‘my toilet won’t flush’ is a devastating issue that can happen to anybody. Upon investigation, we can determine if your toilet needs a basic repair. Toilet repairs in Port Macquarie vary from clearing lime deposit build-ups, fixing loose handles or some tweaking and tinkering.
At Rustic, we’re highly experienced and qualified in the process of repairing your toilet. We’re honest about Port Macquarie toilet repairs needed and won’t bombard you with hidden costs of unnecessary expensive works.

Blocked Toilets

Noticing your toilet is blocked usually happens at the most inconvenient time, which is why here at Rustic Plumbing we are fast-acting and quick to call outs. Having to deal with the issue of ‘my toilet is blocked’ is never easy but with Rustic you know that a solution to your blocked toilet Port Macquarie is guaranteed.
There are quite a few culprits for blocked toilets and we bet you’d like to know what they are. What causes blocked toilets – typically clogged toilets Port Macquarie are from non-flushable items being flushed down, blockages in the sewer line, too much toilet paper being flushed at once or factors relating to the toilet itself like water pressure or the age of it. No matter the cause, we can come in, investigate the issue and fix it.

Leaking Toilets

Water escaping from your toilet is a nightmarish thought. Nobody wants to experience their toilet seeping out. Signs that your toilet is leaking include unexplained water on the bathroom floor, water stains on the ceiling around the toilet and bad odours. If you come to the realisation that ‘my toilet is leaking’ you need to get in touch as toilet leaks Port Macquarie can eventually lead to rotting in the floors, household framing and everything around it.

Give us a call on 0499 154 760 to having your toilet leak repaired.

Toilet Upgrades

Old toilets can be a problem in themselves. When a toilet gets too old it becomes prone to problems. At Rustic we specialise in new toilet installations that are the latest designs, save you water and have clean flushing performances. Get your home a new toilet today with Rustic Plumbing.

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I contacted Rustic Plumbing to repair a blocked drain at our home. They arrived promptly at the arranged time and repaired the problem quickly and effectively.....

Paul Ahearne
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