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Dux Hot Water

Dux is Australia’s largest locally owned manufacturer of hot water systems. Rustic Plumbing Solutions has been working with hot water systems for over 20 years and their experienced plumbing team has extensive experience repairing and installing Dux hot water systems.

Dux hot water heaters come in a range of makes and models to suit the needs of each individual household, because no family is the same. Factors to consider when choosing a Dux hot water system include:

  • The number of people in your household
  • Number of showers each day
  • Average time spent in the shower
  • Number of baths had each day
  • Whether or not your family uses showers at the same time
  • The time of day your family typically takes showers
  • The type of shower heads
  • Will the system be indoors or outdoor
  • Is your home set up for gas


Dux hot water systems are available in gas, electric and solar. If you are looking at installing a new one you plumbing technician can advise you on the recommended system from the Dux range. Dux hot water systems also come with a number of rebates. Depending on your postcode, you could be saving hundreds off the installation of a new system. Your technician will be able to advise you if there are any available rebates on the chosen hot water system.

So whether you need a new Dux heater installed or your existing Dux hot water system repaired, call Rustic Plumbing Solutions today on 0499 154 760. Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to take your call.

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I had Rustic Plumbing at my place for a multitude of problems. They were efficient, prompt & polite and explained exactly what was required clearly & understandably.

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