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Rustic Plumbing Solutions are Newcastle’s most reliable plumbers. Whether you need an urgent response to a plumbing emergency or you’ve got that problem that has been lingering for months and finally need it fixed – we can help.

From the sea breezes at Nobbys Beach to the hot sand dunes at Stockton and the countryside of Maitland, Rustic Plumbing Solutions services your pocket of Newcastle. Our premium residential and commercial plumbing services cover everything from new installations, hot water system issues, suspected blocked drains and those random times you need a plumber in a hurry.

With a broad range of Newcastle plumbing services, and our qualified plumbers ready with advice, we guarantee we will be able to assist you whatever your request. We pride ourselves on our honesty, prompt service and high quality workmanship and ensure complete satisfaction and competitive pricing for our valued clients every time.

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    Hot Water

    Hot Water Services Offered in Newcastle:

    Hot water system installation

    At Rustic Plumbing Solutions we’re able to assist you in selecting a hot water system for installation and for the installation process. There are many factors for deciding which hot water system is best for your Newcastle home but ultimately it all comes down to the size of the building, how many people will be dependent on it, the location and the type of energy your Newcastle home uses.


    Hot water system repairs

    Not having a reliable access to hot water is a huge problem for any home. If you have noticed your hot water system playing up and in need of repairs, we can help. Using us for your Newcastle homes hot water system repairs means that not only will you have a fast fix, but also the price will be honest and the fix will last. Give us a call today for hot water system repairs in Newcastle.

    Solar hot water systems

    Getting solar hot water systems for your Newcastle home is a great way to save money and use a clean and reliable source of energy. There are various factors to consider for choosing to use solar hot water heating so why don’t you give us a call today to see if your home is suitable.

    Quality branded hot water systems

    We believe in putting the best hot water systems into your home which is why we choose to use the following brands in your Newcastle homes: Rheem hot water systems, Dux hot water systems and Rinnai Water systems.

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    Blocked Drains

    Blocked drains can cause a major problem for your home, whether your toilets aren’t flushing properly, the showers aren’t draining right or you’re experiencing bad odours around the drains.

    We’re the experts when it comes to getting your drains working right. There are many problems that could be the cause to your drainage problems. The problems often include blocked pipes, collapsed pipes or even tree roots.

    We have a wide range of drainage solutions to fix your Newcastle homes drain problems, these services include:

    Clearing Stormwater Blockages

    Stormwater blockages can cause major problems for your home. Avoiding these blockages is the best solution but in certain cases these stormwater drains will become blocked and action will be required to fix the problem.

    Clearing Sewer Blockages

    Sewer blockages can be a major problem for any plumbing system. Rustic Plumbing Solutions specialise in clearing sewer blockages in Newcastle by using techniques such as water jetting, foaming agents and other trenchless blocked sewer repair solutions.

    Clearing Clogged Drains

    Sometimes the blockage is caused by a simple clogged drain. In these instances, we’re able to come in and clear out whatever is blocking the drains and have your drains operating as intended.

    No Dig Drain Repairs and Relining

    Finding out your drains are blocked is a huge pain, especially when you need to dig up your whole lawn to fix it. That’s why for Newcastle homes we use trenchless drain relining and repair techniques. The benefits of trenchless repairs include you saving money, saving your outside area but becoming a mini-construction site. By


    full advantage of plumbing’s latest technologies, we can deliver high results on out no dig pipe repairs and no dig drain replacements.

    How Vaporooter can save you thousands on clearing blockages

    Vaporooter is one of australias leading foaming root killer solutions – It is a herbicide formula that is applied as a foam to kill roots within the sewer systems. It allows for us to eliminate any roots in your Newcastle homes sewer system without damaging any other plant life.

    RootX for sewer clearing

    RootX is also used to kill tree roots within your homes sewage system. The formula of RootX allows for it to be safely used on your Newcastle homes sewage system without causing damage to the pipes.

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    Servicing Residential Homes Plumber in Newcastle

    Got a renovation project at home upgrading fittings or perhaps it’s time for some repairs to those clonking pipes, Rustic Plumbing Solutions can help. We offer services covering every area of the home. For a holistic plumber in Newcastle, get in touch with Rustic Plumbing today.

    Contact us for help with the positioning of a new bathtub, changing or repairing sinks, repairing leaking taps and showers, installing updated taps and fittings, maintaining garbage disposals, and stopping those whining pipes. You might think it a random request, but we’ll know what to do.

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    At Rustic, we’re fully equipped to providing quality commercial plumbing solutions to businesses in Newcastle. Whether you need commercial drainage plumbing, commercial hot water systems, backflow prevention or basic toilet services – we can help!

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    Nobody is immune to plumbing emergencies, they can happen at any time in any home. We believe in delivering fast-acting 24/7 emergency response plumbing that will have your homes plumbing system up and running again as soon as possible. For urgent 24/7 emergency plumbing in Newcastle get in touch with us now!

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    Insurance and Damages

    Plumbing problems can occur in any Newcastle home and commercial address. This is why insurance policies are in place to help prepare for issues that could cost a fortune. We offer plumbing solution for insurance policy owners, whether that be home insurance plumbing in Newcastle or business insurance plumbing in Newcastle.

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    Our $0 Callout Offer

    We offer a $0 call out for our plumbers in Newcastle which means even if you’re unsure of the issue, just give us a call and we can come check it out.

    The services provided are guaranteed to meet all quality demands and ensure your home’s plumbing system lasts. We don’t believe in hidden fees and are upfront about all works required before beginning the task.  This is why we’re seen as the most trusted Newcastle plumbers.

    We have a wide range of offers available for Newcastle.