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For fast and reliable service for your drain and sewer needs call and speak with the experts from Rustic Plumbing Solutions today. Rustic Plumbing Solutions offer great value services and use top of the range technology for solving your drain and sewer plumbing issues. With the vast knowledge of our expert professionals and large range of quality works, you can trust Rustic Plumbing with your drains and sewers plumbing solutions.

Find out the Rustic Plumbing Solutions difference for your Port Macquarie drain and sewer plumbing:

  • All Drain Blockages1
    Blocked pipes can stop wastewater draining away, which can be messy and smelly, so you’ll need to get it sorted fast. If the water in your bath, sink or toilet isn’t draining away properly it’s likely to be the result of a blocked drain. If your toilet is completely blocked, better call the experts. Rustic Plumbing Solutions is willing to help you fix with your problem.
  • Tree Root Removal
    A tree root is one of common problem with sewer lines, and Rustic Plumbing Solutions can help you detect and get rid of the intrusion into the line. Tree root removal isn’t easy, but it is doable. You’ll get the job done more quickly and easily when you use the right techniques and methods, or if you call for a help of the experts.
  • Leaks And Smells
    To detect, diagnose, and cure smells, odors, gases from leaky sewer lines or sewage piping, and sewage backups indoors or outside, you badly need the help of experts professional from Rustic Plumbing Solutions.
  • No-Dig Sewer Relines2
    With the latest technology, Rustic Plumbing Solutions can revamp sewer and drain lines underground without digging a trench. It’s an improbable innovation that the majority companies cannot provide. It can save you the cost of having to repair and replace your landscaping and driveway too. There are new methods of “no dig” sewer replacement that can save homeowners holes and heartburn. And as a further benefit we are often able to save lines that other companies have to replace.
  • Fast Repairs
    Looking for a plumbing company that repairs plumbing issues in as fast as it can be in Port Macquarie? The best choice is the Rustic Plumbing Solutions. We provide great service and quality work to every home owner.
  • Great Guarantees
    When Rustic Plumbing Solutions fixes your drain or sewer you can be sure it’s a hundred percent guarantee. It’s an absolute peace of mind that your drain or sewer is protected and safe.
  • Latest Technology
    A lot of benefit from the latest drain and sewer technology, including fiber optic diagnostic equipment that lets you see inside your own drains and sewers, and allows us to pinpoint the problem. We also have the ‘no dig’ trenchless reline technology and even the latest high pressure drain jetters.


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Rustic Plumbing Solutions came when they said they would and cleared my backed up sewer....

Kris DGreat Team Effort!!
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